The power of a mighty Inbox

Inbox - your main storage tool is vitally important if you want to get stuff done and make sure you're not losing track of everything in your life, watch for more deatils:
Question: How does your Inbox look like? Do you have an Inbox set up?

Posted on Monday, June 23, 2008 (inbox,show)

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Jul 17, 2009 05:23
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Nov 9, 2009 08:41
I like the idea of an inbox for documents on my computer. That could really help clear a hanging point for me. Thanks!
Michael Sliwinski
Jan 13, 2010 10:02
It helps me a lot - on my Mac - my inbox folder is my Downloads folder - and I have an action in Nozbe that repeats every week... to clear this folder and zero it out... for the weekly review.
Bert Webb
Dec 4, 2010 17:38
I have a few: 1. A physical inbox on my desk 2. An email inbox 3. My Nozbe Inbox 4. Voicemail Inbox 5. Mobile Inbox Here's a great tip: In my role as a school administrator, I get many requests for textbooks, classroom furniture, field trip approvals, repair requests, etc. To make sure nothing falls through the crack, the signature of my emails include links to "Request Textbooks", "Submit a Repair Request", "Request Additional Furniture", etc. In Outlook, I configure these links to pull up a new email that is pre-addressed with my Nozbe email address and the subject line already filled in. My teachers just fill in the body of the email with their request and, when submitted, the email becomes a task that is delivered to Nozbe and into the correct project (e.g., Textbooks or Facility Maintenance). During my daily processing, I click-and-drag those tasks into my contexts. Nothing gets lost.
Ted Werth
Aug 2, 2011 19:07
I really like the idea of the mobile inbox. Hadn't thought of that, but it would eliminate having too many places to store receipts, documents, meeting notes, etc. Thanks for sharing.
Chris Mitchell
Aug 12, 2011 16:43
I recently decided to use a notebook as a mobile inbox of sorts. I move so often between locations that I was missing the chance to process the inbox during many of the 'weird times' of my day. My solution (about three months now) is to simply have a large pocket style folder inside a 3 ring binder/notebook. I use this as my 'main' physical inbox. That way it's always with me. This has made a HUGE difference for me regarding keeping my physical inbox at zero, as often as possible.
Michael Sliwinski
Aug 3, 2011 07:36
Bert, I totally missed your comment. It's fantastic and the use-case of Nozbe and email here is just great! I'll share it with the Nozbe community if you don't mind. Ted, thanks for stopping by and reminding me to look at this blog post's comments :-)