Scanning Business Cards using Photobooth on the Mac (or iPad) - Productive! Show #45

When you're at a conference you are exchanging lots of business cards with people very often. I know I do. That's why it's really important to process these cards really quickly and add them to your system. I use Photobooth and Evernote on my Mac and iPad. How do you do it?
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Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 (show)

Jun 9, 2012 07:20
Thanks for the video. Another good one!
Tomasz Mioduszewski
Jul 13, 2012 19:57
One question: when I scan the cards, Evernote is able to search. But is there a chance to get phone number/email as a text and finally as a link to dial from my iPhone or to send a mail? Rewriting of the contact detail when you need it is kind of unproductive.
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 16, 2012 11:27
I scan business cards just because I want to "archive" them and most of the time I don't need the information from them... until I need it. But I've been recommended a service like Cardmunch for that purpose (recently acquired by Linkedin).

Jeff Ray
Nov 24, 2012 20:51
This is so great and simple. I can start on organizing my paperwork today rather than having to run out and get a scanner. Thanks so much.