My Productive Computer - Unboxing Apple Macbook Air 2.13 SSD

Today's video will be a little different - I'll be unboxing my brand new Apple Macbook Air 2.13 GHZ 128GB SSD laptop. It's an upgrade from the first generation Macbook Air 1.8 GHZ 64GB SSD. I love the form and factor of the Air as I can carry it around anywhere and start working quickly. Just have a look:
Question: What's your productive computer? Which computer gives you the max productivity boost?

Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 (gadgets,show)

Lola LB
Aug 6, 2009 07:11
Mac Book Pro, of course. I'm a web developer, so I need all the power I can get (especially since I'm notorious for having 20 windows open in Safari) and my PowerBook G4 was getting rather long in the tooth. Hubby is now happily using the PBG4 while his Dell is in the ICU.
Michael Sliwinski
Sep 2, 2009 18:42
Macbook Air is powerful enough, very powerful actually. Especially with the SSD drive it's really fast. The only problem is heating - or the cooling which is not adequate and they should have engineered this thing a little better, but so far it's fantastic!
Mar 16, 2010 12:31
Hey Michael, I don't actually like to depend on a single device, so my GTD system is in the cloud, mostly with google, with the exception of Evernote. This provides me with everything I need, without being device dependent. Wish I had a nice Mac Book Air like you though. :) Cheers
Michael Sliwinski
Mar 18, 2010 03:37
Stephen, my GTD system is also in the cloud - with Nozbe + Evernote (and they are now integrated together!) and Google Docs + some local files. But I need a good "terminal" to access this data and the Macbook Air is a great device for just that :-) It's fun and pleasure to work with every single day!
Lukasz Dorosz
Jun 30, 2011 17:44
Hmm, Yes, the biggest profit of MBA is that his very light:D But I wonder is 4GB ram is enough for me. Macbook is my only productive machine. So sometime I need to power on a Windows in VMware Fusion. But the most important is that I'm using a dynamips to emulate Cisco equipments. And on my current machine 1 vmachine and 3 cisco router at the same time are almost killing my macbook :)
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 1, 2011 05:47
@Lukasz - it's up to you - go to iSpot or Apple Store and test one. 4GB is plenty for me and I've seen guys moving from 8GB MBP to 4GB MBA and totally positively psyched about the process... but it's your choice.
Michael Sliwinski
Jun 30, 2011 04:14
@Imtiaz - if it is supposed to be your main machine - go with the 13" @Lukasz - don't even think about MBP - get the 13" MBA - it's very fast and I use it as my main machine and it's perfectly light :-) Have external DVD but never use it :-/ Don't need to. I've got a newer MBA than on this video - the newest MBA 13". I do recommend 4GB of RAM if you can afford it - folks are happy with 2GB, too, but I think for pros 4 is safer. I have 4GB RAM. There is a refresh to MBA coming at the end of July/beginning August this year (2011) so maybe you should wait just a little bit for the newest goodness :-)
Lukasz Dorosz
Jul 1, 2011 19:15
It's a good idea. But first I should wait to release a refresh version o MBA, and we'll see. Regards
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 13, 2011 09:49
I can't wait for the refresh, too. Would be a good excuse for me to re-sell my MBA to someone inside my company and buy the upgrade :-) If it's worth it. We will know very soon. What I am buying though is soon the new refreshed Mac Mini - it's supposed to be really fast after the refresh and I need it to edit my home videos finally :-)
Imtiaz Govani
Jun 29, 2011 17:22
I'm thinking of buying MBA, my dilemma is whether 13 or 11'' Regards, Imtiaz
Lukasz Dorosz
Jun 29, 2011 21:49
Hi Michael, Nice equipment. I using 4 years old macbook, and now I'm thinking about exchange for a new one. But I've got dilemma, which machine will be better for me MBP or MBA.
Dec 1, 2012 08:15
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