How to Empty your Inbox effectively

Once you've got your Inbox set up, you need to clear it up on a regular basis. How? Watch me do it... one item at a time:
Question: How often do you zero-out your Inbox? Are you consistent? What's your biggest challenge with the Inbox?

Posted on Friday, June 27, 2008 (inbox,show)

Damian Castillo
Jul 23, 2009 14:04
Processing an inbox to zero is what GTD teaches. Why is it that the Nozbe GTD Service does not have a proper inbox. Instead, it's a Project which goes against Logic. When you process the Project (Inbox) in Nozbe, how do you get it to Zero. There is no where for your Actionable Items to go (Deferred). They stay in the Inbox unless the task is a Project itself. What about all the Actionable Task that are not projects? Where do they go? I find Nozbe to fail in following the basic fundamentals of Processing and Inbox as it relates to GTD.
Michael Sliwinski
Jul 26, 2009 06:36
The thing is, that in Nozbe, you can treat projects as "projects that lead to getting something done" or "containers for similar actions". I have three inboxes in my Nozbe - "Inbox" where every unralated action goes to, "Private" project where all the non-work related actions go and "Office" where all the work-related actions go... and I process all these inboxes. Nozbe with this kind of project structure gives flexibility to all the users - those GTD-blackbelts as well as those non-GTD achievers. Thanks for your comments Damian!
Chad Garrett
Dec 5, 2010 17:54
Michael, I really like Nozbe web app, iOS apps, the magazine and blog. Keep it up!
André Almeida
Mar 4, 2011 23:31
The idea to create an In Box under My Documents seemed, although simple, very effective. I added to it a syncing service, so whatever I put in this folder, being in my notebook or my desktop, goes automatically to one another. This way I can work through puir the week in the notebook and when I do my weekly review in my desktop everything is at hand.
Michael Sliwinski
Mar 6, 2011 00:40
@Chad - thanks for the heads up! We keep on evolving and developing both Nozbe and the magazine! :-) @Andre - glad the method works for you - it does work for me and makes sure I don't miss any files that are incoming! :-)